G Money Pro Review (formerly GoogleMoneyPro)

G Money Pro

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  G Money Pro (aka Google Money Pro)

This guy makes $160,000 EACH month – This cannot be ignored! His website is nothing to look at, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that the information Steven supplies is more valuable than many other books we have purchased put together.

Steven is also an AdWords Qualified Individual, which means that he has met Google’s requirements to attain recognition as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. Not too many of these folks are around to give the rest of us advice!

What impressed us most about this ebook was how thorough and step by step easy is was to follow instructions. We put it in the hands of someone who had never before created an AdWords campaign, and they were easily able to duplicate exactly what Steven recommends. Any newbie is going to love this book.

We are advance users of AdWords, and we learned a ton of info. There were so many little tips and tricks that we were not even aware of, that we can definitely say this book was worth every penny. My copy is dog-eared already from thumbing back through it!

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