LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Review

Leapfrog Leapster ExplorerLeapster Explorer is exciting for several reasons. New features such as the nice large color touch screen, e-books, LeapWorld integration, and new education games are all a main leap forward (pun proposed). Leapfrog also hints at possible upcoming integration with the award-winning Tag Reading System, as well as imminent add-ons such as a digital camera module.

Some of the new and exciting features of the Leapfrog Leapster Explorer are a larger 3.2″ high-definition color touch screen, e-books with page turning performance, integration with the Leapworld internet based learning environment, flash card learning, downloadable applications, video support and a album of new and exciting games.

The size is perfect for my 5 year old and 3 year old’s hands but they have dropped it a few times because there aren’t any hand grips. But it still works great, it’s pretty sturdy! The Leapster Explorer does so much more than just play games. There are downloadable apps which include games, e-books, videos, flashcards and more! It’s similar they got a bunch of products and made them all into one product where the learning is endless.

This is a remarkable gadget if you have more than one child because you be able to personalize it for your child so the next time they play all their stats are saved for them. I love that I can hook it up to the laptop to see exactly what they are learning and how they’ve progressed. Since my girls are 5 and 3 there is a big difference in their degrees of learning so I’m happy that the Explorer retains them separate.

Leapfrog Leapster Explorer PinkLeapfrog also introduced 14 new Leapster Explorer Games that work solely with the new educational gaming unit. The Leapfrog Explorer is not backwards compatible with the original Leapster or Leapster two games; That’s too sad if you previously have a collection of games for one of the preceding Leapster models.

Here’s another new item that came out with the Leapster Explorer. These are Leaplet Download Cards. A Leaplet is a downloadable piece of content that can be transferred to the handheld unit via the Learning Path application.

Overall: we LOVE everything new about the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer! The price will be at just under $70.00 and the games are right around $20.00 each.


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