“Build Your Own Electric Car” Review

How To Build An Electric CarAre gas prices killing your budget? Does the future of our enviroment concern you? Have you been considering an electric car, but do not want the huge price tag that comes with it?

You are not alone – read on…

Les and Jane Oke, who have lived “off the grid” for the past 15 years, drive home converted electric vehicles and use only wind and solar energy to power their house. You can too…

Their book “Build Your Own Electric Car”, reveals the methods they used to convert their car and truck to run on electricity, at a cost that they could afford. Like you, they have a budget that they must live within so they decided to convert a vehicle. The whole vehicle conversion costs just a few hundred dollars. In addition, they show you how to drive 100 miles on a single one charge.

You will learn the step-by-step system of converting your vehicle to run on electricity and how to spend almost no money for fuel. Not only an effective way to get great mileage for a lot less, but also the method is good the environment. The use of fossil fuel increases the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere. This has a devastating affect on the environment and, in particular, your local environment. By switching to clean energy, you are saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

In an effort to promote environmentally friendly transportation, some governments are giving tax rebates to those driving a clean fuel vehicle. The book teaches you how to benefit from these rebates. Replacing the expensive batteries that are needed to power your electric car is a challenge that the book shows you how to overcome. Keeping a bank of used batteries in great condition for years is no longer a barrier for you.

Car speed is something that we are all concerned about because there is little incentive to convert your vehicle if you are taking all day to get from point A to point B. The authors claim that your converted electric car can easily maintain freeway speeds. In terms of performance, this means that speed will not be an issue.

What’s Included:

  • Step by Step How To Convert a Car To Electric
  • How to Cut Fuel Costs to Nearly Zero
  • How To Clean Up The Environment
  • How To Get Massive IRS Refunds

For this couple, electric vehicle conversion is only one part of their 15-year journey to find the best way for them to maintain a normal lifestyle and live green at the same time.

The price of $49.97 for the book “Build Your Own Electric Car” is very reasonable given what it can save you. At this time, they are offering a “Going Green Value Pack” if you purchase “Build Your Own Electric Car”. Included in the “Going Green Value Pack” are four e-books on alternative, clean energy. Utilizing this package will allow you to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Don’t let their amateurish website stop you from making the decision to purchase. Every minute of their time has been put into their ‘how-to’ blueprints. After all, saving money is one of the biggest reasons people want to build their own electric cars in the first place!

Oh! Almost forgot…A 60-day money back guarantee ensures that you get a refund if you don’t find the conversion information useful!

Visit Convert2EV Now & Start Building Your Electric Car Today!



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